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 About Us

32+ years in Non-surgical Hair Replacement, Pioneers in the technological development of use of Hair patches/wigs is Hair World wide Pune assisting thousands of clients with 50+ franchisees all over India and abroad. So when people ask “what is hair world wide?” “what does hair world wide do?”

We simply say We help or have helped I’d rather say, thousands and thousands of individuals rebuild the confidence that they lost due to hair loss. Building confidence is the beginning of the beautiful journey that relays further to happiness a better connection with their friends and family. Wait! Of Course, it certainly helps them excel or progress in their professional growth. Now you’d ask how, being comfortable and not feeling segregated or left out is most important in an organizational environment, to face your colleagues and boss in a more confident way. The feeling when friends and family make fun of your baldness, the feeling when a kid hesitates to go to school or college due to baldness, the loneliness felt when people avoid you in social gathering, the fear of being rejected during matrimonial search, ageing is always scary where baldness causes us to age faster cannot be defined on it can be felt. The necessity and emotion of hiding baldness under a scarf and cap. The idea of not wanting to meet people. The struggle of chemo and alopecia.

We at Hair world wide understand this feeling, this struggle and therefore strive our best to provide most effective solution with our heart at work. People always prefer a non-surgical hair replacement in the form of Hair Patches in Pune, which is safe and with real hair. Our client family always appreciates how we provide celebrity wigs and patches with frontless patch facility like frontal patch, USA patch, mirage patch, Australian patch, golden hair patch with imported customized curly, straight hair patch.

Our finest monopolistic idea is grey hair patch. Because of cheap hair patch prices, people have started calling us wholesaler of real hair patch in Pune and labels us as wholesaler of real hair wig near us in Pune. Our quality and service of hair patch and wig is not only appreciated but also respected all over the world, hence the name hair worldwide. In the coming years we have realized the increase in necessity of ladies’ hair topper and hair extensions. The foremost requirement of real hair ladies’ hair patch and wig which cheap and safe hair topper. Not only we provide imported Hair systems but also teach the best hair care in Pune to provide efficient and prolonged use of human hair wigs to avoid hair transplantation surgery and synthetics hair treatment with steroids. We also provide genuine and verified consultation on hair transplantation in Pune with finest and most experienced doctors. We believe tat before initiating anything one must have thorough knowledge about the concept. It takes years and years for someone find a perfect hair fall treatment in Pune because hard water and constantly changing weather. “Men and Women even I have always struggled to find a perfect hair fall treatment near me, that motivated me to search for Hair World wide as they provide with the best solution for hair fall and advised smallest possible hair topper for my mother who had permanent hair loss, the hair topper looked so natural and nobody recognized that my mom is wearing one” said Lavina in her feedback.

CANCER! In itself the word sounds scary right? Imagine the condition of the patients that go through the chemo therapy with tremendous amount of pain and drastic loss of complete hair on the scalp. Their body becomes so sensitive that they cannot be given any I random synthetic hair wig. On the other hand, Real Human Hair Wig in Pune is a little expensive as compared to a synthetic Wig in Pune. Therefore we have merged with international Hair Wig manufacturing companies and created a bio fibre Hair Wig for cancer patients which is extremely safe and comfortable for cancer patients. It is also affordable and way cheaper. The best part of the Wig is that it looks very very natural and also gives support and comfort to a cancer patient and motivates them to go through the Harsh chemotherapy with ease and get cured at the earliest. This form of synthetic Hair Wig is completely safe and efficiently comfortable for cancer patients that has been proved by our thousands of clients who have gone through cancer and chemotherapy with the support of the chemo Wig. The strongest point that Hair worldwide, Pune has is the quality check of the products before delivering it to the clients and with that the training that is provided in detail on how to wear the Hair Wig.

We are world renowned and famous for our Hair products for Ladies which includes our marvelous-real human hair, toppers and patches. The need and requirement of a woman is very different from a male as they have different form of alopecia. Understanding this need and international standards we have collaborated with multiple international companies for manufacturing of real human hair toppers in Pune. The Uber Moto of designing these in Europe, Canada and Korea is to get maximum possible. Natural look and comfort for women as they have soft strands and roots. We specialize in customizing need centric Hair wigs and hair toppers. Sonali on receiving her hair system said that it was the most perfect thing she bought for her wedding which will not only give her confidence but also take care of her lavishing photo shoot. She also mentioned that the best thing that she did was a Google search of Hair topper near me. After reviewing all the feedback from other clients, she placed an order and it was customized as per her necessity, desire, requirement of natural looking hair patch. her problem of visibility of scalp due to lack of hair was solved in a single Consultation . So even you could change your life just like Sonali in a single Consultation.

But friend of Sonali, Sara had ample of hair on her scalp, but lack the desired length and volume she wanted so she opted for real human hair extensions in Pune. Just like Sonali she also came through a simple Google search of hair extensions near me. The most surprising element here is that both of them are not aware that they are a clients as we maintain strict confidentiality and privacy of clients. We always advise our clients to go for a hair Patch or Hair Wig in Pune at the earliest stages of their baldness so that it becomes easier for them to accept and get habitual to the hair patch , We have observed that certain clients only require baldness treatment in Pune on the front side of their hairline. We specialize in designing and importing specialized patches for partial hair baldness treatment. our strongest point is the merger of hair patch hair and the side hair of the person, hence it becomes completely impossible to recognize that the person is wearing a hair patch. With the results of thousands of clients, we are proud of successfully completing hair loss, treatment treatment and giving each of our clients an embrace full and confident life ahead.

Our consultations are detail oriented, person specific and and time given to each client is way higher than their expectations and after hair patch set up our post procedure assistance is always appreciated and cherished by our clients. The method with which one should put the hair Patch to make it removal or permanent is described in detail as per the requirement of the client. If you wish to become a part of Hair world wide Pune, family associate yourself with high-quality genuine product supplier of Hair patches in Pune. Let us know. We would like progressive and good quality, appreciating people to become a part of our family and help us grow all over the world with our finest highest quality human hair products. With this we welcome you to visit us an experience change. We can bring into your life with a simple step. Contact us book an appointment and be ready for a delightful life ahead in the most simplest and easy going change. All the best! Growth through what you go through.

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