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Q1. What is difference between hair weaving, hair patch tapping and hair bonding?


Hair weaving is fixing the hair patch to your original strands on scalp with the help of threat knots. Hair patch taping is a method where you use hair Patch/Wig specialized tapes for temporarily, fixing the hair patch on your scalp and removing it as per your convenience at home.

Hair bonding is a method where adhesive which is extremely safe for your scalp is used to fix the hair patch on the scalp, but requires a monthly visit to the studio. This cannot be removed at home, but it is one of the most opted method by men as it is most convenient and done by expert professionals.


Q2. Cost depends on what perimeters?


The cost of the real human hair Patch depends upon the base quality, the knotting patterns and the hair-quality. Different patches are imported from different countries. Hence their prices also vary accordingly.


Q3. How much time it takes?

Apparently, the Consultation takes about 20 to 30 minutes and then the cut and the styling process, the merging process takes roughly 1 to 1 1/2 hour depends on the hairstyle required at the stylist.


Q4. Do I need to come again and again?


No! it is not compulsory to come again and again. In fact, you can choose at home, DIY maintenance method which is so easy that you can maintain it at home but if you choose the monthly maintenance method, you need to visit the studio once a month roughly depending on the lifestyle and habits.


Q5. Can anyone make out that I am wearing patch?


The purpose of wearing a Patch is to feel confident and comfortable and that happens only if people don’t make out that you’re wearing a Patch. The topmost compliment that we get is when our clients always say that it’s been a year that my friends don’t know that I’m wearing a Patch in fact you have they don’t believe you when you tell them that they are wearing a Hair patch!


Q6, What type of patches celebrity wear?


Celebrities tend to wear hair patches that look natural from the front so these are specialised net base patches where the Front is net based and it’s very difficult to recognise that the person is wearing a hair patch. Sometimes we have to remind our clients that they are wearing a hair Patch and take care accordingly because they forget.


Q7. Are there any side effects?


The research and development in hair patch and hair wig industry has been tremendous over the years which has involved all the countries of the world, developing safe and comfort, giving products every day. Hence, all the products used at our studio are medically tested and proven safe for human application. and in fact, all the products are being used all over the world by millions of clients. Hence, that also suggest that it is extremely safe for use for years.



Q8. What is life of hair patch?


The life of a hair Patch is totally in how you use it. The care maintains the softness in combing the maintenance of hygiene all these factors add to the life of a hair patch. Two people wearing the same hair. Patch will give different life in term of in terms of months, which suggests that main place the strongest role.



Q9. What is cost of patch?


The cost of hair Patch varies very frequently as these are imported from different countries and that causes the variation in prices.


Q10. Can we take normal shower?


Yes, absolutely you can take normal shower but it is recommended to Wash the hair patch only twice a week maximum.


Q11. Is it possible to fix patch without cutting my existing hair?


Yes, you can fix the hair patch without shaving even a single strand of your existing hair. Ask us the details during your consultation.



Q12. How many years’ experience do you have in this field?


Being the pioneer in the field, we have more than 33 years of experience and experts who have assisted thousands of clients. So years of experience is imminently extremely high as compare to anyone else in the field.



Q13. Is it one-time investment or expenses reoccur?


The hair Patch needs to be changed annually or in accordance to the life of the Patch. Hence the cost is accordingly decided.



Q14. Can we change hair style our own?


Absolutely! Your hair Patch taken from us is free styling. That means you can change your hairstyle very regularly.



Q15. Can we get any hair style in it?


Yes, most of the hairstyles are possible in a hair patch right from army length short hair to ponytail length long hair, Patch for men. we always recommend to take a haircut or hairstyle which is maintainable and suits your personality.



Q16. Is it for men or for men and women both?


Hair patches and wigs can be worn by both men and women. In fact, we have multiple kids from the age of nine wearing a hair Patch and surprisingly old people in the day at the age of 90.



Q17. What is hair extensions?



Hair extension is generally used to enhance/increase your current volume and length of hair. Generally, women mistake that if they have scanty hair on their scalp, they are supposed to wear hair extensions but said they should go for hair Toppers or patches.



Q18. What is topper and what is difference between silk topper and normal topper?


Hair topper is worn by people who have scanty hair or bald patches on their scalp. it a natural, looking coverage of the scalp and with some balancing of volume in the hair length. a normal Patch is made up from mono filament base. Hence the partition is not distinctive but in a silk Hair topper the partition is enhanced and Hair noting is so defined that you can constantly change your hairstyle.


Q19. Do you use human hair or synthetic hair?


We use only highest quality human hair which are real and have gone through thorough quality check. We are strictly against the use of synthetic hair patches and wigs as they are available in the market.



Q20. Can I make my patch customized?


Our clients love us for giving one strong reason to buy from us, is the customisation of their hair patch, in accordance to their necessity, desire, budget. Customisation of Hair patch/Wig is free and given to you as a gift from our side.



Q21. Do you have wig for cancer patients?



Most certainly in fact we are the sole importers of cancer patient Wig or chemo Wig because it is budget friendly most possible Natural looking and highly maintainable. We Wig also.



Q22. Do you have long hair patches and Wigs?


Yes, yes! Long hair short hair, moderate length hair all length, hair patches/hair wigs are available and we also offer free customisation on your selected hair Patch or Hair Wig.


Q23. Do we need any appointment for consultation?


Appointment is compulsory so in order to avoid any waiting because of large crowd. In fact, we advise that you should take appointment at least two days prior as sometimes the appointments are not easily available.


Q24. What are the timing of your Centre?


We are here to serve and assist you all seven days a week from 10 AM to 7 PM. But we advise prior appointment to be taken so as to avoid long waiting hours.



Q25. How many days it takes to ready our system. Can we get instantly?


Our clients who come from different cities or countries require instant, matching and fixing of hair, patches and BIS, hence we have wide range of ready-made hair patches available in all sizes and hair texture to be instantly matched and fixed. But for those who are for complimentary customisation need to wait from one day to 20 days depending on which patch or week they choose. There is no defined duration, but we also take priority orders on customisation.



Q26 I don’t stay in Pune!  I want a hair patch from you, what to do?


Totally not a problem! A huge fraction of our clients are from different part of the world and different cities.

For them. We provide online consultation, free of cost and after that the required hair patch is customised and sent through courier. In fact, many clients who have shifted from Pune to different cities or countries, opt for this method when they want to change their hair, Patch or Wig.

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