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Most frequently asked question to us is that when one is supposed to wear a hair patch and how is it different from a full head Wig?


Full head Wig is for those who have lost most of their hair on the scalp and there are no existing hair strands even on the sides. Now there are many types of hair Wig depending on the requirement of the client and budget. We in fact support the idea of customize Bank so that it fits perfectly on the scalp so well that you don’t have to apply any adhesive. Since it fits so perfectly, it is extremely comfortable. and there is full ventilation in spite of full coverage of the scalp. Now if one takes a hair with real human hair, then the maintenance they have to do is basic shampooing and conditioning as regular hair like everyone else. In fact, it can be styled in multiple ways. There is No fixed partition hence you can change the partition with every use. The most important part of the Hair Wig is the structure of the base, the fit and the hair quality. We take utmost care in finding the highest quality Hair in the world please sing them in your Wig, the most significant comfort of the wig base.

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