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I know how important Hair are, and what struggles have gone through to find the most perfect hair Patch system or a wig. After multiple research and Consultation, I’m sure you must be extremely happy with your new hair and radiating confidence. But now the most crucial step is the maintenance of the hair patch. Call the most perfect maintenance. Of course. It is always better to hand it over to a Healthcare expert who is not only help you maintain the look but also also increase the longevity of the Hair patch.

For this, we provide highly experienced and all level qualified Trained professionals in the field. They are experts in Pune for Hair patch service. Not only provide the best service with highest quality products available in India, but also will make sure that they advise you every step on how to better maintain the hair Patch, so that it is worth every penny that you have earned with hard work.


We only use USA made imported products our highest quality Indian products for the hair patch service in Pune.

Starting Price

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